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Strategist & ICF Certified Executive Coach

Parul is an experienced executive coach that specializes in leadership, communications, cross-cultures, employee engagement, and emotional intelligence. She has earned her ACC marker from ICF and is certified as a leadership coach through Saint Joseph’s University. With over15 years of experience, Parul has dedicated herself to helping leaders create meaning in their own lives and within their organizations. She is known for meeting clients where they are and has a unique ability to move her clients into uncharted territories. Her powerful intuition blended with her ability to shift perspective allows her clients to tell their own story while successfully transforming their performance results.

Parul has designed a coaching program that begins with establishing a foundation for each client in clarifying personal and professional values, establishing goals, as well as creating a longer-term vision. She combines this insight with her client’s natural talents and learned skills to co-create a coaching program that is both measurable and meaningful. Parul excels at turning complex subjects and issues into easy-to-understand opportunities for every leader she works with - helping every client develop targeted solutions for proven results. Parul’s mission is to help every client create meaning in their work by connecting who they are to what they do – to help executives either strengthen or even rewrite their leadership story.

Parul has been an internal employee, consultant or an executive coach to such organizations as Morgan Lewis, McDonald’s USA, Subway, Ignatiuz Pvt. Limited, and Marsh & McLennan.


  • Corporate Leadership

  • Strategy

  • Productivity

  • Communications

  • Employee Engagement

  • Mindfulness/Self-Awareness

  • Cross Cultures



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